Soaps to Help with Special Skin Conditions

1. Acne

    Anti Acne

2. Eczema, Psoriasis, and Rosaia

    Neem Oil, Natural Soap for Eczema

3. Dry skin 

    Lavender, Aloe Vera, Oatmeal Turmeric and Honey, 

    Cocoa Butter & Shea Butter, Turmeric, Chamomile,

    Green Tea

4. Purifying

    Charcoal, Charcoal and Vetiver

5. Dog Shampoo/Soap

6. Baby Soap

    Gentle baby soap, Chamomile

 7 Scrubs

   Pink Grapefruit & Sea Salt, Oatmeal Turmeric & Honey,

   Charcoal & Vetiver, Green Tea,